Sisalation Tuff Wrap (Breather) 497

Sisalation Tuff Wrap (Breather) 497

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Product Description from Fletcher

  • Renowned reflective wall wrap membrane designed to protect homes and buildings against radiant heat.
  • Exceptional strength.
  • When installed adjacent to an air cavity, Sisalation® Tuff Wrap contributes to the overall Total R-value of a building; thereby providing increased comfort to building occupants.
  • Minimises the amount of moisture absorbed by the frame during construction.
  • Acts as an effective secondary skin to your home or building to minimise draughts, within wall cavities thereby allowing bulk wall insulation to perform more effectively.
  • Allows internal building works to commence once the roof has been installed; thereby allowing for expedited project completion.
  • Suitable for use in bushfire areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – FZ in accordance with AS 3959-2009.
  • Australian made.



Tuff Wrap (Breather)

Width: 1350 | Length: 30/ 60 m | Area per roll: 40.5/ 81 m2 

Width: 1500 | Length: 30 m | Area per roll: 45 m2


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