1740mm • 1840mm DOUBLE Split Metal Door Frame

JDS Metal Door Frames

Product information from JDS Metal Door Frames


Metal doorframes to suit brick/stud/block construction

Available in 1740mm / 1840mm

DOUBLE* Split Metal Door Frame size: 85-125mm 

Height 2040mm


Size 1740mm :

  • Includes 4 standard 100x75x1.6 Z/P hinges 
  • Standard striker 2 rubber buffers and c/sunk holes

  • Size 1840mm : 

  • Includes 6 standard 100x75x1.6 Z/P hinges 
  • Standard striker 4 rubber buffers and c/sunk holes

    Made from a 1.2mm Zincanneal
    Comes in 2 separate welded sections that are strapped together for transport

    JDS Split metal doorframe profile is designed with a 50mm architrave to allow the counter sunk screw to pick up the concrete or brickwork a lot easier. This frame can be installed to stud, brick, block and concrete construction.

    Important Info

    Note: A minimum nib on each side of the stud opening is needed to allow for the split frame to be screwed to the stud work



    JDS Standard Split Metal Door Frame Catalogue