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Since 1986, Visual Interior Designs have been proudly providing high quality office fit outs, shop fittings and interior design to clients across Perth.

We use an extensive range of top quality interior construction materials, such as USG Boral plasterboard, to create unforgettable spaces for our clients, ensuring each space truly encapsulates our clients’ vision and purpose.

So why do we choose plasterboard at Visual Interior Designs and how can it benefit your business?


What Is Plasterboard?

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Plasterboard is a commonly used building material, often referred to as drywall, which was introduced to Australia back in the 1940’s.

It is used primarily to construct ceilings and interior walls, as it is a simple and cost-effective material that can be given finishing treatments such as paint, tiles or rendering.

At Visual Interior Design, we use a range of high quality products, including USG Boral plasterboard, to give your new office or building renovations a seamless surface

Benefits of Plasterboard

Using plasterboard in your buildings facelift, renovation or even construction is a great way to future-proof your building, as the material lends itself to effortless change.

Lightweight & De- mountable

Plasterboard is designed to be sturdy yet incredibly lightweight, making it a cost-effective way to give your office, school or building an update without being locked into that particular design for years to come.

It is also safer to handle, as its lightweight features reduce the risk of injury to contractors or anyone moving the plasterboard.

When it comes time for a change, plasterboard is easily de-mountable and can be moved to another space or recycled into new plasterboard.


Installing plasterboard in your business is a relatively simple process, with standard plasterboard coming in a variety of widths and lengths.

It is also a less labour-intensive option than plaster and other materials, ensuring that Visual Interior Design can finish your new plasterboard partitions, walls or ceilings in a short space of time.


Thanks to its design, plasterboard can be used for a variety of things, such as walls, partitions and ceilings, with added treatments that can make the plasterboard humidity and water resistant, shock resistant etc.

Plasterboard is also easy to tile, paint and render, giving business owners creative freedom over the look and feel of their building.


Why Use Plasterboard


Plasterboard can be treated to make it moisture and humidity resistant, making rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries more resistant to water damage.

Fire Rating

To give our clients peace of mind, we only use the best quality products, such as PROMATECT® 100.

This fire rated plasterboard is used for wall, ceiling and steel protection, with up to four hours of fire protection.

In wall and ceiling construction, plasterboard is just one material that makes up the whole, so it is important that any wall or ceiling systems designed and installed by Visual Interior Design includes supporting framework that aids in fire resistance.


High quality plasterboard offers superior insulation qualities, which is not only beneficial for temperature control, but also offers soundproofing and acoustic insulation.

For businesses and commercial projects, minimal noise transfer is a vital consideration, especially when it comes to meeting rooms and offices in businesses, or patient rooms in hospitals.

Low Environmental Impact

Plasterboard is a recyclable material, with most plasterboard made from recyclable materials and sustainable resources.

Down the track, if you are looking to do some more renovations and do away with the plasterboard, make sure you recycle it!


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