A Guide for XPRESS® Drywall Grid System

XPRESS® Drywall Grid System is the latest ceiling system produce by RONDO, which their marketing just introduce to the public in MAY 2019.

'' Rondo XPRESS® - The name says it all '' (Product caption by RONDO)

This brand new ceiling system is going to provide the industry a handy technology for quick installation; fast and easy like never before. 


According to RONDO, XPRESS is ideal for both direct-fix and suspended concealed ceilings. The two major runners (referred as Main Tees& Cross Tees) to frame the grid structure, both comes with 38mm and 24mm face, which made the system flexible in verity combinations, also strong enough to hold a MAXIMUM of 13mm plus 16mm Double Layer Fire grade plasterboard in flat ceiling installation. 


rondo xpress flat ceiling

The system is also introduced as light- weight (components), QRC (Quick Release Clips) clip technology applied- a tab on Cross Tees provide a simple quick release and easy transitions to exposed grid, bulkheads, soffits, flat and curved fascias. 
Two runners will be locked in connections- while Main Tees come with indexed Cross Tee hole locations for faster and more accurate installations. 
Below are notes captured from RONDO site
• Concealed ceiling systems
• Plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement linings
• Direct fix or fully suspended applications
• Seamless transitions from a concealed to exposed grid ceilings
• Bulkheads and boxed soffits
• Corridors, without the use of suspension hangers
• Fire-rated applications
• Seismic requirements
• Acoustic requirements
• Surface Finish: Z275 galvanised
• Easy integration with Rondo Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems
• Accepts conventional light fixtures, air conditioning services and access panels
• Main Tee and Cross Tee clips have a secure connection and are easy to remove and relocate
• QRC Clip Technology
rondo xpress note
For more information, please see RONDO XPRESS DRYWALL GRID TECHNICAL MANUAL or Contact us to get FREE advise by professionals.