A Guide for KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System



KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System

KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System by RONDO is designed to snap into sections with an easy installation.

It also gives a high-quality structure to support your plasterboard ceiling. Ideal for suspension ceiling depth more than 200 mm. 

Available for fire-rated, bulkhead, seismic and acoustic designs, it is strong enough to hold multiple layers of plasterboard. This Grid system is flexible regardless of shape, size and the location (indoor or outdoor) of the relevant ceilings - mainly structure with a mixing of primary (Top Cross Rail) and secondary components (Furring Channel)
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Key lock suspended ceiling install guide rondo


  • Furring Channels and Top Cross Rails are available in radiuses for curved ceilings
  • Furring Channels, Ceiling Battens and Top Cross Rails can be ordered in special lengths
  • Able to be engineered designed for external ceiling use, e.g. Soffits
  • Base Material is engineered from G2 BlueScope Steel for strength and reliability
  • Rondo range of ceilings can interlock with each other in the same ceiling area, providing specialised ceilings after partitioning
  • Allows easy, economical and true bulkhead corner ceiling finishes to be achieved by using furring channel along with concealed support clips and fixings


    SUITABLE(S) from RONDO site

    • Flush plasterboard ceilings
    • Direct Fix or Fully Suspended ceiling applications
    • Suspended Ceilings for internal applications
    • Fire Rated Ceiling System Applications
    • Curved Ceiling Systems using pre-curved furring channel and top cross rail
    • Raked and Cantilevered Ceilings
    • Bulkheads as an architectural feature or concealing services
    • Wall Framing for masonry walls - battening out irregular walls or providing a cavity for cables and plumbing
    • Suspended Ceilings for External Applications
    • Acoustic & Seismic Ceiling Design available*


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      Direct Fix Ceiling System- allows you to direct fix Furring Channels or Ceiling Battens to concrete, steel or timber ceiling structures. Ideal for suspension ceiling depth less than 200 mm.
      RONDO provided a relevant maximum span tables for Direct fixing clips which it needs to be fixed along the sections in accordance.
      They also suggested customers should follow the building board manufacturers' recommendations when spacing the Furring Channels. 
      Using metal Ceiling Battens in your house is going to save you money for call-back maintenance. Battens do a great job in controlling movement and reduce the chance of cracking boards.
      Rondo provides a range of ceiling batten systems which are suitable for framework spacing from 600 mm to 1200 mm and for use in cyclonic and high wind areas.
      (All ceiling Battens and accompanying clips have been load tested to ensure they meet all relevant standard requirements)
      Two most popular clips are the 314 Direct Fixing Clip and the 390 Batten Swivel Clip.
      Capture - Installation guide from RONDO
      key lock direct fix install guide rondo visual interior designs
      314 Direct Fixing Clip - 
      to accommodate the increasing use of timber “I” beams, the 314 Clip has two extra nail or screw slots lower down on the clip, with an additional holding tab to assist installation. 
      Cleverly, the temporary holding tab is tapped into the timber beam when the clip is at the right level freeing up both your hands to secure the clip.

      390 Batten Swivel Clip – 

      with the ability to rotate 360°, the swivel clip can easily turn the ceiling batten on an angle that suits the change in roof truss direction. It also incorporates the temporary holding tab for quick and easy installation.
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