A Guide for DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System


DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System

Rondo DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System is structure with Main and Cross-tees (DUO 1 & 2), both comes in 24 mm wide pre-finished steel, DUO® is ideal for acoustic and plasterboard ceiling tiles in non-fire rated environments.
The system is designed to provide EASY & FAST grid installation with slight push and lock to join crosses, at once to avoid damages while adjusting or getting replacement done.
Fixing slots are available every 100 mm on Main tee for flexibility to suit your best layouts, plus double rows of embossed stitching to prevent twisting issues. 
  •          Steel Ceiling Grid Systems
  •          Aluminium Ceiling Grid Systems
  •          Drop-in Configurations
  •          One-way semi-concealed configurations
  •          Seismic designs
  •          Bulkhead designs
  •          Lineal diffusers 


All components have been designed and tested by Rondo
engineers to meet the requirements of suspended ceiling
codes in both Australia and New Zealand.
Rondo recommends installation by a qualified trades person. 



Few more things to know...

The DUO® system is designed to suit either 1200x 600 mm or 600x 600 mm ceiling panels, your grid spacing will most likely base on these dimensions.


Main tee (DUO1) comes in one length of 3600 mm. Selection of cross tee (DUO2), length: 600/ 1200 mm, should depends on the weight of the ceiling tile.

The MAXIMUM allowable loads of DUO® is 14.2 kg/ m2kg and 10 kg MAX weight of light fittings. To start planing your primary sections, set out the grid from the middle of the room to make sure the panels are cut and placed equally. 


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